Toad Patrol 2019

The common toads’ migration has begun. As we did last year, we are organising Toad Patrols in the Belmont area to see them safely across the main road near their breeding site. The patrol is designed to ferry toads from one side of Rivington Rd to the other, from marshy ground where they’ve been hibernating to the relative safety of the reservoir, for them to spawn.

Last night (21st March) was our first night this year and was a good first night -the migration is certainly under way.
Final count -toads 33 moved including four pairs already coupled up, 1 frog and two smooth or palmate newts.(need to work on identification!) Unfortunately, we missed 3 toads and a newt that didn’t make it.

If you would like to be involved, contact us by e-mail to



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