Toad Patrol 2020

We intend to be back at Ward’s Reservoir, Belmont to carry out our third year of toad patrolling very soon – this could be only weeks away as Froglife have reports of toads moving in Surrey and Hampshire now. Belmont’s that bit cooler but even so… climate change, etc.

It can be wet and cold, but it’s very rewarding and does make a difference.

Few skills needed- just some equipment if you have it, if not then let us know (torch,reflective gear, gloves, waterproofs) and enthusiasm!

Please post on the forum if interested.

Secondly, another appeal for reports of any other toad crossings of roads you know about where mortality of them (and frogs, newts etc) is an issue. There is another registered patrol in the Gillibrand area of Chorley (contact details at Froglife but are there none in Croston, Eccleston, Coppull, Adlington and anywhere else?  Please let us know.

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