Coronavirus and Indoor Meetings

Regretfully, we have decided to cancel the indoor events scheduled presently for this year, 2020, due predictably to the Coronavirus situation.  We will inform further in due course regarding outdoor events.  We are sorry for any convenience caused.

Cliff Jones – Fellowship award

Heartfelt congratulations to one of our founder members, Cliff Jones, on him being awarded a Fellowship of the British Naturalists’ Association.
Cliff now lives in semi-retirement in Scotland, although retaining his membership of Chorley Nats, and Is still giving lectures on cruise ships, being much sought after.
Fellowship is granted to people who have notable expertise and standing as natural historians and there is no doubt that Cliff has these qualities.
Cliff will be moving in circles which include such prominent names as Tony Soper, Simon King, Joanna Lumley, Julian Pettifer, Chris Packham and Bill Oddie, who are all Hon. Vice Presidents of the Association.

Toad Patrol 2020

We intend to be back at Ward’s Reservoir, Belmont to carry out our third year of toad patrolling very soon – this could be only weeks away as Froglife have reports of toads moving in Surrey and Hampshire now. Belmont’s that bit cooler but even so… climate change, etc.

It can be wet and cold, but it’s very rewarding and does make a difference.

Few skills needed- just some equipment if you have it, if not then let us know (torch,reflective gear, gloves, waterproofs) and enthusiasm!

Please post on the forum if interested.

Secondly, another appeal for reports of any other toad crossings of roads you know about where mortality of them (and frogs, newts etc) is an issue. There is another registered patrol in the Gillibrand area of Chorley (contact details at Froglife but are there none in Croston, Eccleston, Coppull, Adlington and anywhere else?  Please let us know.

40th Anniversary

This year (2019) the Society celebrates its 40th anniversary.  We are looking for ways to mark this milestone. If you have any deas, please get in touch.

The website in its present format has been around for quite a while now.  We have been tardy in introducing a section on local sites. That is under review at the moment. If  you have anything to contribute, please let us know.

Committee Membership
Any member who feels they have some spare time and would like to contribute to the running of the society would be welcome to come along to a committee meeting to try it out.

Contact the society by e-mail to the Secretary (Paul Brennan)


Toad Patrol 2019

The common toads’ migration has begun. As we did last year, we are organising Toad Patrols in the Belmont area to see them safely across the main road near their breeding site. The patrol is designed to ferry toads from one side of Rivington Rd to the other, from marshy ground where they’ve been hibernating to the relative safety of the reservoir, for them to spawn.

Last night (21st March) was our first night this year and was a good first night -the migration is certainly under way.
Final count -toads 33 moved including four pairs already coupled up, 1 frog and two smooth or palmate newts.(need to work on identification!) Unfortunately, we missed 3 toads and a newt that didn’t make it.

If you would like to be involved, contact us by e-mail to



New Area Map

We are in the process of developing a map of the area showing good sites for wildlife.

If members have ideas for sites to be included, or would like to contribute information about site, then please contact us by e-mail: