BioBlitz 2020

Our previous BioBlitz events have been a great success and we hope that this will continue this year.  We are inviting and encouraging as many people as we can to record as much wildlife as possible.

The annual BioBlitz is a very useful snapshot in time that we can compare with past and future events, to acknowledge any trends.  It also encourages the recording of all wild species, rather than just those that you may be familiar with.

Where is it?

In previous years, we have hosted the event in public spaces such as Astley Park.  However, this year the location is your own garden.

When is it?

During the weekend of 13th and 14th June, 2020.  The event is for the entirety of the weekend, at a time and duration to suit yourself.

Who can take part?

Anyone who lives in our recording area, essentially Chorley Borough.  Adults and children of any age are welcome to join in.

What should I record?

Any wild species in your garden – birds, plants, butterflies, moths, dragon/damselflies, bees, wasps, hoverflies, mammals.

If you need a little help in identifying any of the species, the following resources may be of use.

  • BirdNet – Identify birds by call.
  • Pl@ntNet – Identify plants by taking a photo.
  • Bug Life – Large online gallery with filters.

How do I record it?

We’ve created forms for you to use, you can input directly on to the sheets and it will tot up the results for you.

If you don’t have the software to open either of the above, the PDF file below can be used but it doesn’t allow you to type the results in.

Where should I return it?

We’d love your results back within 3 days, if you can.  Please email to or post on the Recent Sightings section of the forum..  Thank you for taking part!

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